Calumet Heights- Chicago neighborhood

Now let's take a look at the popular Calumet Heights (Pill Hill) neighborhood.

Calumet Heights  is located on the far South East side of Chicago.
It is about 13 miles south east of downtown.
The neighborhood boundaries are as follows:

North boundary:  8700 South
South boundary: 9500 South
West boundary:  Stony Island
East boundary:   South Chicago

This neighborhood has a rich history.  It has been around since the late 1800s.
It takes it name from the nearby Calumet River. It may have also been named Calumet
Heights because it was originally owned by the Calumet and Chicago Canal and Dock
Company.  When it was acquired in the 1870s, it was part of the Hyde Park Township.  

Population remained relatively low during the early and mid 1900s.  But by 1970,
the population was increasing at a rapid pace.  This area attracted many upper
middle class professionals.  Many doctors, dentists, lawyers, and small
business owners moved into the area.

A shopping district was developed along 87th street and along Stony Island.
A smaller neighborhood also developed within the larger Calumet Heights area.
This neighborhood is known as Pill Hill.  It is roughly between 8900 South and
9300 South.  In this area you will find spacious and attractive single family homes.

Many doctors from a nearby hospital had homes built in this area.  Since so many
doctors lived in the area, the area became known as 'Pill Hill'.   The hill is near
91st street.  Many years ago this area was actually a quarry.

This area was rich in limestone deposits.  When the quarry was filled in, it created
a hill.   To this day, Pill Hill is a very desirable area for Real Estate.  Home prices in
Pill Hill have weathered the Great Recession and they are still in high demand.

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