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Now let's take a look at the popular West Loop neighborhood.
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Often called just "the
West Loop," West Loop Gate makes
up the north central area of the Near West Side, west
of Chicago's Loop.  It is bordered by the Kennedy
Expressway to the east, Grand Avenue on the north,
the Eisenhower Expressway to the south, and Ashland to
the west. The neighborhood also extends to the Chicago
River south of Madison Street.

A former manufacturing corridor turned art-edgy neigh-
borhood, the area is made up primarily of warehouses that
are still in use or have been converted to loft condominiums,
"loftominiums," restaurants, night clubs, a growing number
of art galleries and some retail. It's also the home of Harpo
Studios, owned by well known talk show host
, and the production site of her syndicated show.

Chicago Union Station, the city's only remaining intercity rail
terminal, is a well known West Loop landmark.


The Greektown section of Chicago is located roughly between
Van Buren and Madison Streets, along Halsted Street, within
the Near West Side community area of Chicago. It was
popularized in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which
was actually filmed mostly in Toronto. The neighborhood is
known for its plethora of excellent Greek restaurants,
including the famous Parthenon, and its 24 hour food spots.

Fulton River District

The Fulton River District makes up the north east area of the
Near West Side, just west of the Loop. It is bordered by the
Chicago River to the east, Ohio Street on the north, Madison
Street to the south, and the Kennedy Expressway to the west.
The Fulton River District is a former manufacturing and current
transportation corridor turned residential neighborhood.

The neighborhood is made up of warehouses that have been
converted to loft condominiums, new construction high rise
condominiums and apartments, high rise and mid rise business
offices, retail and restaurants. The Fulton River District is also
the home of The Boeing Company, and the Ogilvie
Transportation Center (formerly Northwestern Station), a major
commuter rail terminal. The neighborhood is known for the scent
of chocolate emanating from the Blommer Chocolate Company.

West Loop Demographics

Here is some interesting info that I found for zip code 60606.   
This zip code makes up most of the West Loop area.

Median Household Income: $100,377

Bachelors Degree or higher:  80.6%

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